Shopify Reports or Data Export – Which Reporting Tool Should You Choose?

Shopify Report vs Data Export

Data makes all the difference for Shopify merchants who want to reach their goals. But managing that data, let alone extracting valuable insights from it, is no small feat. The right tool can flip that, letting you pick apart every Shopify store activity without breaking a sweat. 

While Shopify Reports, the platform’s default reporting tool, is a good choice for a bird’s eye view of your Shopify store’s activities, it drops the ball if you want advanced features to take your business to the next level. 

Data Export is one tool to bridge that data divide. It comes loaded with report customization features, multiple file exporting options, on-demand support, and many other advanced functions that Shopify merchants wish for to understand their store and market on a deeper level. 

This comparative analysis between Shopify’s Standard Reports and Data Export sheds light on both reporting apps, with descriptions about their upsides, downsides, and more. No matter the size, scale, or industry of your Shopify business, this comparison will serve to enhance your understanding of both tools, and how they can fit your unique reporting needs. 

Features Shopify Data Export
Availability Available on all Shopify plans, with advanced features available on higher-tier plans. . Available to all Shopify stores; offers a free plan for stores with fewer than 999 orders, with paid plans starting from $7/month.
Customization Limited customization options; advanced customization available on higher-tier plans. Allows extensive customization by summarizing and row grouping, and custom currency sign set on the reports.
Pre-Made Reports Has a limited set of built-in report templates to cover various aspects of store performance. Offers a wide range of pre-made reports for sales, inventory, taxes, orders, etc. with more than 300 fields in all report types.
Data Access and Fields Access to data fields depends on the Shopify plan, with some limitations on data granularity. Instant access to more than 1,000 fields from your store, allowing for in-depth data analysis with different report types.
Export Options & Automate Reports Only basic file export option is available. (CSV) Multiple advanced file exporting choices, including Excel, CSV, and PDF. Also offers automated reports via email, FTP, Google Sheets, and Google Drive.
Support Regular Shopify support channels. Live chat & Email support available, with the team assisting in building custom reports and solving specific reporting needs.
Visual Charts and Dashboards Basic visual representation options available, with no option to customize. Offers the ability to build cohort tables, visual charts, and dashboards for better data visualization in Google Sheets.
Report Types Finances, Orders, Inventory, Behavior, Sales, and more, based on the subscription plan. Sales, Product, Inventory, Taxes, Orders, Payouts, Transactions, Fulfillment, Cart Attributes, POS, Customers, and many more custom report types are available.
Pricing Included with Shopify subscription. Free plan available; paid plans start from $7/month & custom plan pricing depends on features and store size.
Custom Fields and Logic Limited to predefined fields and logic. Lets you create custom fields using your own logic to better meet your specific business needs.

When you get down to it, Shopify covers the basic reporting needs of merchants with its standard reporting features. But it won’t go the distance if you need more capabilities, like customization and multiple export options. 

If you want to take your Shopify business to new heights, you’ll need a reporting tool that covers all bases when it comes to your store metrics. With its versatile customizations, high number of data fields, straightforward interface with neatly categorized report types, and many other features, Data Export is a compelling choice. 

Summing Up

Accurate data analysis is crucial for developing winning strategies and boosting profitability. Choosing the right tool to deliver actionable insights for your Shopify store can make all the difference. Try Data Export today and turn your business challenges into opportunities for growth. It’s time to leverage the power of data and make Shopify reporting a breeze.