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Reporting Software that Saves Money and Time for Shopify Merchants

With Data Export, you can automate, customize, summarize, analyze, and export any data in your e-commerce store.

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Schedule Reports
Schedule Reports
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Summarize Data
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Export Data
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Getting Data from Your Online Store Hasn't Been Easier

Extract any data from your online Store, including support for more than 100+ Shopify field types.

Data export is used by many online store owners to report and analyze sales, product, marketing, customer, accounting, tax and transaction data.

Data Export Works With These Popular Formats

Schedule Reports

Hassle-Free Report Scheduling

Choose the best schedule for your needs:  hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly.

Whether scheduling reports to run AM or PM, you can select start times down to the minute and second.

With Data Export, you’re in control of your reporting activities.  However, free support is just a live chat away.

Report Scheduling

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Sales & Orders reports
Summarize data
Filter fields

View records from Precise Detail to Big Picture

View granular features of your store’s e-commerce data or summarize the same records.

User-friendly tables immediately preview records prior to saving reports.


All the Data Export Formats You'll Need

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How Much Are You Spending to Access Your Own Data?

We think Shopify merchants shouldn’t compromise their budget just to access their own data.   That’s why we offer Data Export technology at a reasonable price for any online store.